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Schottky Thermal Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

Spec:FESEM Schottky Thermal FEG is i HL SHLs SHL
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  • In-lens Schottky Plus field emission electron gun
    Enhanced integration of the electron gun and low-aberration condenser lens provides higher brightness. Ample probe current is available at low accelerating voltage, supporting various capabilities from high resolution imaging to high speed elemental mapping.
  • Two model for selcetion (HL & SHL)
  • Hybrid Lens (HL)
    The Hybrid Lens (HL), a combination of the electrostatic and magnetic field lens, supports high spatial resolution imaging and analysis of various specimens ranging from magnetic materials to insulators.
  • Neo Engine (New Electron Optical Engine)
    Neo Engine, a cutting-edge electron optical control system, achieves a significantly improved precision of automatic functions, as well as a superbly higher operability.
  • New function of "SEM Center" for integrating EDS
    A newly developed operation GUI "SEM Center" fully integrates SEM imaging and EDS analysis. This powerful function provides next-generation operability and high resolution images obtained with FE-SEM.
  • New "Zeromag" function
    "Zeromag", incorporated for seamless transition from optical to SEM imaging, makes it easy to locate the target specimen area.
  • New LIVE-AI filter*
    Utilizing the AI (artificial intelligence) capability, LIVE-AI filter is incorporated for a higher quality of live images. Unlike image integration processing, this new filter can display a seamless moving live image with no residual image. This unique feature is very effective for quickly searching observation areas, focusing, and stigmator adjustment.
  • Scintillator backscattered electron detector (SBED) has excellent sensitivity and is useful in obtaining material contrast image at low acceleration voltage.
  • Versatile backscattered electron detector (VBED) enables acquisition of characteristic images such as 3D and surface topography based on divided detection element shape
  • Upper Hybrid Detector, UHD, (only for SHL version) objective is highly efficient in detection electrons arising from the specimen, enabling acquisition of images with enhanced S/N ratio.


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