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Protochips Inc/U.S.A.

Protochips creates revolutionary holders for electron microscopy. Our products enable the highest resolution of nano-structures in their native environments and have proven to be of unparalleled value in materials and life science applications. Our product lines include:  


  • Atmosphere Gas Environmental Cell — Fully automated E-chips based environmental accessory that frees new and existing TEMs from the limits imposed by the column vacuum. This enables the study of a wide variety of materials in precisely controlled gas environments up to atmospheric pressure.
  • Fusion Heating and Electrical Holder — MEMS-based system for electron microscopes that enable in situ analysis at temperatures up to 1200 deg C and electrical characterization with atomic resolution.
  • Poseidon — TEM holder for electron microscopes that enables in situ electron microscopy of samples directly within a liquid flow environment.
  • E-chip — E-chip sample supports are consumable devices and replace the conventional TEM grid. The family of E-chips includes consumables that provide support to the Fusion and Poseidon platforms.
  • C-flat — Premier holey carbon film for cryo-transmission electron microscopy. It is manufactured without plastics, resulting in higher quality data.

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