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GATAN Inc. /U.S.A.

Gatan Inc. was founded in 1964, provide OEM of precision mechinery in early stages, and fought into electron microscope field via DuoMill ion miller in 1979. Gatan is world-renowned for EM sample preparation, TEM holder,  imaging camera and EELS analysis system. In 2000, gatan UK was setup ,and start cathodoluminescence, SEM The company’s solutions are used in various research  tensile/heating/cooling stages and cryo transfer system. It make the application field cover not only electronics, material sciences but also life sciences and natural resources sectors.

Gatan headquarter is located in Pleasanton, California and operates as a subsidiary of AMETEK, Inc.

Main Product:

  • TEM sample preparation tool (PIPS, Precision Ion Polishing System
  • SEM sample preparation tool (PECS, Precision Etching Coating System) & Ilion
  • TEM Digital Imaging Camera
  • EELS, Electron Energy Loss Spectrometer
  • CL, Cathode Lluminescence spectrometer
  • Cooling/Heating stage for SEM
  • Tensile stage for SEM/TEM
  • TEM holder

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