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200KV Atomic Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope

Spec:200KV Cs Cold FEG
File (PDF):Not yet uploaded


* 200KV ultra high resolution image

* Cold field emission gun with low chromatic aberration

* Advanced STEM corrector (ASCOR) suppresses six-fold astigmatism

* Integrated COSMO auto tune interface

* Perfect sight NEO detector brings higher STEM signal at all acceleration voltages

* Dedicated ABF detector

* e-ABF real-time signal processing design enhanced contrast of light atoms

* STEM system for scanning transmission image as standard(4 signal simultaneous acquisition is possible)

* Bright field STEM detector as standard

* Standard HAADF detector(option for other detection angle HAADF detector)

* Option BEI detector

* Viewing Camera system that Sample search and microscope alignment by PC

* Lorentz lens setting integrated for magnetic domain observation in material

* Select Area Diffraction

* Ultra high spatial resolution for EDS, NBD and CBD


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