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OnPoint Backscattered Electron Detector

Model:Model 400
Spec:Retractable Bio Polymer
File (PDF):Not yet uploaded


• Resolves features distorted by charging or beam damage:

   Attains images at low kV to reduce charge build-up and to prevent damage to delicate samples

• Captures large, 3D datasets quickly:

   Acquires large field of view images or 3D datasets up to six-times faster

• Differentiates low-Z elements:

   Delivers the highest signalto-noise ratio (SNR) available to help distinguish between elements with a similar atomic number

• Provides highest BSE collection efficiency:

   Produces higher SNR images because it captures electrons other detectors miss as well as minimizes the noise in the detection system

• Ensures peak performance within minutes:
   User-exchangeable sensor enables you to maintain your system at the highest performance, no service visit required

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