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Monarc CL Detector

Model:Monarc 450 450.P
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Built upon a groundbreaking optical design, Monarc dramatically boosts sensitivity and spectral resolution, empowering the most complete cathodoluminescence (CL) analysis to date with unique wavelength- and angle-resolved capabilities. This true next generation CL detector now provides brand new insights in the most demanding applications in nanophotonics, optoelectronics, and geosciences.


Fastest time to the best data

  • Acquire CL data with unmatched spatial (<10 nm), angular (1°), and wavelength (0.1 nm) resolutions
  • Simultaneously capture angle- and wavelength-resolved CL data
  • Collect hyperspectral data up to 30 times faster than other CL detectors

Easy operation for all users

  • Guarantee optimal results with fully automated alignment and recipe-driven operation
  • Permanently aligned optics deliver reproducible results across the short- and long-term
  • Utilize the largest field of view to increase the data throughput and simplify user workflows

Most accurate correlation with other signals

  • Detect multiple signals simultaneously for correlated imaging of physical properties and composition with CL data
  • No compromises – Make full use of the in-lens SEM detectors during CL measurements


  • Angle-resolved (ARCL): Understand how light and matter interact far below the optical diffraction limit – Provides a 400x larger field of view than other CL detectors with virtually no loss in resolution (patent pending)
  • Wavelength- and angle-resolved (WARCL): Visualize how light and matter interact across multiple viewing angles and wavelengths at full resolution – What was impossible or highly impractical, is now routine with Monarc’s unique optical design
  • Polarization filtering: Determine the emission polarization properties of deep sub-wavelength structures like optical nanoantenna, nano-cavities, and photonic crystals

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