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OneView Camera

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  • Extends 4k x 4k camera leadership for imaging and in-situ data capture
  • Always have a “live” experience with 25 fps at full 4k x 4k resolution, no compromise to resolution between viewing and recording images
  • Guarantee optimal image quality with real-time drift correction and outlier removal using in-line data processing
  • Detect single electrons with highest signal-to-noise ratio using the most sensitive scintillator and fiber optics available
  • Extend the dynamic range beyond 16-bits, no beam stop required
  • Increase productivity, even for novice users, with intuitive, built-in workflows to support and optimize recording modes

In-situ option

  • Flexibly trade-off resolution against frame rate—from 4096 x 4096 pixels at 25 fps to 512 x 512 pixels at 300 fps, always at 100% duty cycle
  • Video buffer allows you to capture only the video you want; with post-event triggering with LookBack feature
  • Never miss the start of an in-situ reaction again
  • Tailor videos to your unique applications with powerful post-processing tools

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