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Model:JSM-IT510LV InTouchScope
Spec:W/LaB6 SEM
File (PDF):Not yet uploaded


  1. Simple SEM Function
    Simple SEM supports daily routine work
  2. Integration of SEM and EDS system
    Further integration of SEM and EDS system enables seamless operation form observation to analysis.
  3. New "Zeromag" function
    With our Zeromag function, sample navigation is even easier than ever. You can locate areas for imaging or specify analysis positions over multiple fields using an optical image or holder graphic.
  4. New "Live Analysis" function
    With our Analytical series (“Live Analysis”), the embedded EDS system shows a real time EDS spectrum during image observation for efficient elemental analysis.
  5. "SMILE VIEW™ Lab" for integrated management of image and analysis data
    All data from collected SEM images to elemental analysis results are integrated to facilitate fast report generation.
  6. Specimen Exchange Navigation
    Guided operation from specimen introduction to image observation.

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