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Schottky Thermal Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

Model:JSM-7610F Plus
Spec:FESEM Schottky Thermal FEG
File (PDF):Not yet uploaded


  • Gentle Beam™ for high resolution imaging at extremely low excitation voltages
  • r-filter system 2nd generation for secondary electron energy filtering
  • Live imaging of up to 4 detectors
  • Specimen chamber for specimens with a diameter of 200 mm (8" wafer) 
  • A variety of connection flanges, for EDS, EBSD, CL, IR camera, etc.
  • Air lock system for fast and clean specimen exchange
  • Optional systems available for high specimens and wafers up to 8" 
  • Optionally, different specimen stages
  • Newly designed, intuitive user interface, easy to operate
  • SEM operation through operating panel and mouse

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