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Model:29500VED 29510VET
Spec:Vacuum Evaporators
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The IB-29500VED (diffusion pump) / IB-29510VET (turbo pump) Vacuum Evaporator is a high-vacuum specimen  preparation device that makes it easy to prepare samples for imaging and analysis with with electron microscopes.

It is particularly useful in the rapid preparation of fine-grain TEM specimen support films by carbon evaporation, or the evaporation of a variety of metals and other materials in the preparation of replicas and shadow-cast specimens.

The Vacuum Evaporator is also used to create fine-grain conductive metal coatings for imaging and very thin, amorphous, C coatings for BSE imaging and x-ray microanalysis with SEM and EPMA.

When fitted with an optional turbomolecular pump, with its automatic evacuation system as standard, it ensures an extremely clean, high vacuum working environment. A LN2 cold trap can also be added.

Key Features

  • Evaporation of carbon thin films suitable for high-resolution observation with SE and BSE and chemical analysis with EDS or WDS
  • Evaporation of various metal thin films
  • Conductive coating for imaging and analysis of non-conductive materials
  • Shadowing evaporation of various metals
  • Thermal processing, such as aperture-foil cleaning for electron microscopy
  • TMP based vacuum system (optional – model IB29510VET)

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