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Full Cover Micro Sampling Equipment

Model:Axis Pro FC
Spec:Full Cover Electric transferred disk PC program control
File (PDF):Not yet uploaded
Partner:Micro Support

Axis Pro FC is the highest micromanipulation system which fuses high ability zoom microscope and manipulator for easy operation.

The system achieved remarkable operability and safety by electrically-driven all operations and strong full cover body. Full cover body can prevent from contaminations and accidents, even though the system is not operated.

You can have all operations including focusing and manipulating sample by PC mouse control. 
For example, you can manipulate 5μm-size particle easily and quickly. It is possible to isolate object and drop it on analytical disk with a confirmation on a monitor. On top of that, the system can set up disk for FTIR (Kbr, Au mirror and diamond cell) and inorganic analysis.

Hardware like microscope and micromanipulator is controlled by software, so that you can precisely operate difficult sampling and save time by having repeat operation

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