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Critical Point Dryer for Cleanroom

Model:815-B 815B-B 915B-B 815B-C 915B-C 916B-C 934-C 936-C 938-C
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Following model for Cleanroom


Desktop(Series B): AUTOSAMDRI 815-B (1" sample)

                                  AUTOSAMDRI 815B-B (4" sample)

                                  AUTOMEGASAMDRI 915B-B (6" sample)


Stand alone(Series C) AUTOSAMDRI 815B-C (4" sample)

                                 AUTOMEGASAMDRI 915B-C (6" sample)

                                 AUTOMEGASAMDRI 916B-C (8" sample)

                                 AUTOMEGASAMDRI 934-C (4" sample) -Touch Panel

                                 AUTOMEGASAMDRI 936-C (6" sample) -Touch Panel

                                 AUTOMEGASAMDRI 938-C (4" sample) -Touch Panel




Note: Double T-filter and Sorter Condenser are standard (815-B with single filter)

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